Why SEO Batters

Whether you’re a writer or a business owner (and really, freelancer writers are business owners), search engine rankings are essential to your success online. There are two ways to improve search engine rankings of your website:

  1. You have to post unique and valuable content. Google and every other search engine on the planet want to reward great content and ignore — or even punish — bad content. But it is not enough. No matter how great your content is, you won’t rank well if you don’t
  2. Make your site search engine friendly, grow its authority and take measures to promote it in search engines. Why?
  • SEO leads to discover-ability. Most people search for the information they need online. As for Google, it cannot rank what it cannot see. That’s why sites that are not optimized for search engines won’t appear in search results. If your site is not on the first page, it means that it’s actually invisible. Moreover, most sites that are not in the first 3-5 spots of a search page receive less than 5% of all clicks on a given search. There exist about 400 million websites at the moment. Just think how many of them are your direct or indirect competitors – and the necessity of SEO activities for higher ranking will become as clear as a day.
  • SEO leads to quality content. It’s no good to write keyword-loaded posts with stilted language, since they do not perform well in search engine rankings. It takes a combination of great keywords and great content to rank on page one permanently. Decisions about how to set up navigation, what text to use for page titles, and where to interlink pages within the domain, along with many other considerations, have a huge bearing on Google’s ability to ascertain the value of the content.
  • SEO helps two kinds of people find your website: people who know you but don’t know your website and people who don’t know you but want your content. Your goal is to maximize the chances that those people will find you before they find someone else. That is also the goal of SEO.
  • SEO leads to higher traffic. A common method for measuring success of blogs and websites is to estimate their traffic. A good way of increasing traffic is posting a lot of fresh content on a regular basis, but it takes a great effort for each new page or a post. A better method is posting content that receives as much (or even more) traffic on day 365 as the day it was first posted. This can be accomplished with great SEO.
March 18, 2013
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